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So many of you will be starting university soon and move in day is just around the corner, so my friend Jayr Corachea and I came up with a Fresher’s Survival guide to help you stay alive for your first year at university. Here are 10 tips and tricks.

1)     Fresher’s Week was invented for you to get involved, so make sure you meet new people and make new friends, also don’t forget to join societies! Have a good look around campus and find out where your rooms are for lectures and seminar classes.

2)      Timekeeping. I can't stress enough how important time keeping is, please turn up on time for lectures and seminars so you don’t miss out on vital information. No one wants to be the late comer strolling in with fifty odd beady eyes staring at them.

3)     Be Organized.  Organization skills will just make your life more easier, make sure you have all the books and notes you need for your lectures and seminars and also for exams and essay’s. Being organized will help you stay on track with all your workload and you’ll find you will be less stressed out.

4)     When it comes to buying food in halls, buy food that is needed so you don’t waste money on things that aren't necessary, you don't want to keep making trips down to your local supermarket and waste time and money.

5)     Hygiene matters! That’s right, just because you're away from home doesn't mean you don’t stay hygienic. Stay healthy and keep your room squeaky clean, no one wants to walk into your room with a pile of clothes sitting on the floor. Not cool!

6)     When cooking in hall kitchen’s make sure you clean up after yourself whatever mess you make, take responsibility because no one will clean your pots and pans for you. It’s only fair.

7)     Explore! Even if you live or don’t live on campus, explore the area, find out the in’s and out of the campus and different routes you can take to get to and from uni, you'll never know when there’s a train breakdown, it’s good to keep alternative routes in handy.  Apply for an Oyster if you haven't already if you're living in London, and make sure to keep a TFL Map in your bag, so you know what train to take.

8)     When going out at night time, to clubs and parties always go with a friend or in a group, the world is a dangerous place, and you really don't want to be wandering around in the dark. Know your drinking limit; don’t ruin the night for others.

9)     Customize your room of residence, we all get home sick but adding a few posters and pictures of family and friends don’t hurt, in fact they make good conversation starters, go for it! Splash your room with everything sentimental and personal to you.

10) Go with the flow, don’t stress out too much, work can be daunting but live a little also, socialize and have fun but most of all make memories, they say the years spent at university are the best years of your lives.

Good luck at university and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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