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Mehul Parekh; Founder and Lead Author of BeingMehul
Mehul Parekh
Hi, by looks of things you're here to find out more about me. Well in reality there is not much of a backstory to the creation of this blog, no really I mean it! It just so happened that on one night I randomly decided to start blogging. Yes really, thats just how it all began... 

So it all starts here, just as I am about to describe it to you. No more, no less. This is the beginning of something new, something big, something adventurous and most importantly something that’s going to be awesome. Let me take you all the way to the beginning where it all started. It’s important to understand this part of the story, as the ability to make sense of the future depends on it. It all began with a Twitter account (@m3hulp4r3kh) and the joy of expressing my views, feelings and actions through words. Simple meaningless words bound together using humble yet effective grammar techniques, to convey my perspective.

Many find it a real challenge to express ideas in 140 characters or less. Rendering tweeting into a modern day work of art, displaying the finest intricate use of linguistics and some of the most sensational quotes and statuses of our time. Tweeting is an art, seemed to be perfected by its constant use and somewhat “Trial and error” techniques. Its common use around the globe has turned into inherent nature for some, making it much easier to forget how primitive this form of communication really is. In some respect it could be seen as one of the main factors contributing to the world shrinking in a social sense, generating what’s known as a “global village”. 

Just like any other ordinary teenager I started my journey on twitter, completely oblivious to the benefits latent within it. Not knowing where this journey in the form of numerous tweets is gradually taking me. Through heavy hash tagging and the use of the “@connect” feature, by my first anniversary on twitter I had made more than 3,000 tweets on the topics of weather, food, sport, news and the occasional rants at companies and big businesses. I quickly became addicted to the idea of informing the world about all the thoughts that were churning away in my mind. Sometimes with more than 50 tweets a day, I was unarguably hooked onto this ecstasy of tweeting. It had become second nature to me.

Just like any other medicinal or recreational drug, this obsession had negative effects on me, reflected through poor exam results and underachievement throughout my whole academic year (2012/2013).  As they say, there is always light at the end of tunnel. At the beginning of autumn I realised that I seemed to have a real talent and keen interest in creative writing and the field of journalism. I quickly realised tweeting was no longer enough, if I was to nurture and develop this ‘talent’ that was dormant within me. I decided to join the creative writing group at my college, which I remained an active member of for two years. I began to love writing, learning new lexis and confusing grammar techniques. I knew I needed to start blogging!

Bringing the story in present times!  Scanning through the above text, I am sure it’s not hard to guess that this is a sort of prologue to my blog. The story behind how it came into existence, following my twitter success and academic failures I cottoned onto the fact that while most people hate to read my written work, there is still a chance of a potential audience out there. Through my blog I aim to explore many different aspects of literature, language and the world around us. I hope to be joined on this continuous adventure, by you. 

Welcome aboard!

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