8 September 2018

Mehul's Top 4 Places to visit in Leicester

Whether it be great heritage sites, historic museums or general places of interest the city of Leicester, my home city, certainly has something to suit everyone's taste.

Hence, earlier this year (2018), I set out on a mission to visit as many places of interest in Leicester as I possibly could and from those choose my top four places, that I believe everyone should visit.

Now before I reveal some of the reasons behind why I chose these four places in particular, I would like to begin by acknowledging some of the other fantastic places that I unfortunately could not include in my top four video.

As this list is mostly aimed at my fellow students and those in the higher education sphere of Leicester, my choices were limited to those places being closer to De Monfort University Leicester, which had great public transport links too!

However, I would have loved to include places such as the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (the cities biggest and most influential Hindu place of worship), the Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester Cathedral (Leicester's medieval christian places of worship) and the Richard the Third Museum. I suppose a follow up video list featuring these places could easily be made (Share your opinions in the comments section below!).

1) National Space Centre

Having visited the National Space Centre, for the first time in my life I personally feel that the first place is completely justified! Having opened in the year 2000, the centre is packed with both fun and informative activities hands on activities. For the number of great things the space centre has to offer, the admission price is fairly justifiable. It's also perfectly suitable for families or parents and guardians with young children. Make sure to visit the immersive 360 experience!

2) Leicester Guildhall

It may come to you as a shock, but I have personally visited this places several times throughout my childhood and still walk past it everyday on my commute to De Montfort University Leicester. At least for me, this place seems to have a time capsule effect, in that it does well to give visitors a good taste of what life in medieval Leicester could've been like! P.s. the downstairs actually housed prison inmates!

3) New Walk Museum

I believe that for any museum to be classed as a good museum it must include an exhibition of real Egyptian mummies and life size dinosaur fossils. The New walk Museum houses both in addition to a lovely Art Gallery! Interestingly however, the museum building was formerly used as a school!

4) New Walk Houses Museum

Are you at DMU? Most importantly are you a Harry Potter Fan? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then the New Walk houses is a must visit. Being a Harry Potter fan, walking into the victorian street always make me feel like I am about to walk into Diagon Alley! Additionally, this museum is right opposite De Montfort University Leicester so you can visit it any time you're on or near campus!

Enjoy Leicester... Keep Travelling!


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