17 April 2018

The Final Stretch

Almost done


We all begin life in a somewhat similar manner as mere human babies, showered with love and tender care of our mothers and fathers. Cradled in the confines of what we learn to call our home. Our parent(s) then become our first teachers, through whom we gain our first perspective of the world. Such early teachings often become the foundations to our blurred but innocent visions of the world.

Before we know it we have the urge to spread our wings further, as we pass through various stages of our lives typically starting from primary school coming to a culmination at the end of our college days. From here on we become masters of our own destiny, breaking free from the burdensome shackles of societal pressures. We refuse to conform, each to their own, setting out priorities to pursue wealth, knowledge or power.

Well for me personally, the choice was fairly straightforward, I was to go to university obtain an honorable degree which would then supposedly help make the arduous task of job hunting a walk in the park. Of course, such an outlook is far from the truth, edging almost towards the realms of fantasy.

In reality though, success is the by product of excellence, or so they say...

Present day...

Thus to put it metaphorically, I embarked on a self defining journey just under three years ago. In simple terms, I started life as a DMU student some three years ago now, and looking back at it with hindsight, perhaps these were the three most defining years of my life. Perhaps, I could say that I have used the last few years well to help carve my personality, strengthen my character and truly define my views and aims in life.

This brings me nicely to the my present situation. So here I am, four months before my graduation, working hard towards getting the best grades I can over a period of three days which will determine and supposedly reflect upon the three years of hard work I have put into gaining a Law degree.

However, as we all are aware the attainment of a degree is not the end. Rather, it marks the beginning of a new phase in life. Opening more opportunities than ever for me improve, challenge and grow myself.

Over the last two years I have been hard at work trying to figure out what I would like to do once I graduate. Through embarking on a series of legal work experience, by late summer of 2017 I had made it firm in my mind that further education was where my interest lies. As a result over the last year I have been trying to narrow down the subject area of law I would be intrigued and positively challenged by. Enough said about my future plans.

Bringing the focus back to my current position, undoubtedly the aforementioned plans can only come to fruition based on how well I do in my summer exams. It therefore follows that perhaps one may be forgiven to think that in such stages of life man is truly the make of his own destiny. Or is he...?

Many years ago I heard a talk by a well distinguished speaker, who shall rename unnamed, on the 'corridors of doubt'. In defining what such a corridor of doubt would be, the individual assigned it to the amount of time that exists between opening of an opportunity and a person making advances towards attempting to secure that opportunity. To me personally, what he was explaining seemed more like something one may brush to the side by explaining it to be a limbo.

Putting it all into context, regardless of how one explains it, I cannot help but feel that I am in this exact position for the next few months. However, I full well know that these are perhaps the most defining few months of my life. A test of my intellect as opposed to intelligence, of which I perhaps lack the latter.

Yet, here I am frantically trying to revise in an attempt to stop any lack lustre performance in my upcoming exams. But I must keep telling myself that success is the by product of excellence. In that I need to strive for excellence in the topics I am revising for my exams as opposed to wishing for success in them.

Therein lies the lesson that shall aide me in this final stretch...


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