10 August 2015

AUGUST: Results Day

Exam Results 2015
It's that time of year again... you know what I mean... A month or two after you've completed your exams and are sitting patiently for the most disastrous day in the academic life of a not so ideal student to come around and 'SCREW YOU UP!' When I say screw you up... I mean totally screw you up!

If you're like me you've probably already given up on all your hopes of getting into university at the start of the academic year in October, oh and you've probably also spent the whole of your summer holiday's till date contemplating on how badly you did in your exams, constantly telling yourself "I should've, I could've, I would've but I didn't..."

But before I say anymore; Picture this scenario: It's night. You decide to sleep early, because results are released the next day at 6am sharp. You go to bed early. You set your alarm, in the hope that it will wake you up. One is not enough, so you set multiple alarms. You finally shut your eyes and lie in bed. then you start thinking. Thinking about food, then hunger, then lunch, then school, then exams and then finally RESULTS DAY... We all know it's going to be a sleepless night!

Regardless of how well or how badly you think you've done, the reality of it is that sadly you can't change how or what you did in the exams... so why worry so much about it, it's just another day in the calendar, or is it?

'RESULTS'; A simple yet meaningful 7 lettered word which determines the destiny of all students. A small word which holds the power to 'Make' or 'Break' an individual's vision of their future! Whilst most students will sit there dreading the arrival of this day, let's face it for the rest of the world it will just be another working day, a day full of normality... Isn't it funny how the quality of your day rests on the circumstance you're in!

Without getting too philosophical about it, when I was at school the headteacher once said in the assembly, "Results day is a day celebrating your achievements and a day highlighting your weaknesses, showing room for improvements", and I sat there thinking "What a load of Sh*t", because in reality, at least in the Asian community, results day is the one time in the year when brown parent's can disown their child. (I talk from experience here...)

Whilst what happens on results day is totally out of our own control, keeping in mind that there are things you can do to help yourself secure that university place on your course of choice. So here's a rough plan of what you could do to help yourself:

A-level Results Day this year takes place on August 13, 2015. Make sure you know where you have to be and what happens when you get your results.

On the day:

  • August 12, 6pm – Clearing opens
  • August 13, 8am – Ucas Track goes live
  • August 13, Morning – Pick up results from school
  • August 13, Morning – Check Track for confirmation of university place
  • August 13, Morning – Narrowly missed your grades? Call your university to discuss
  • August 13, Morning – Entered into Clearing? Start your search online
  • August 13, 5pm – Enter your Clearing choice into Track

Alternatively CLICK HERE to read the Telegraph's advice on result's day! 

Finally just remember that whatever happens it's not the end of the world... There's a bright future filled with opportunities and with huge scope for progression waiting for us all out there! (As long as we try our best that it is)

In my Final word's I would like to wish all my reader's Good Luck for their upcoming result's day... I'm sure we have all done well!

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