6 July 2015

Travelling Abroad: The dos... and the don'ts

Sunrise in Vietnam

Travelling. We've all travelled at some point in our lives; be it one gruelling journey, or the greatest adventure of your life. It may be just a small car journey from A to B or a long flight across the Atlantic. However, the experiences gained from travelling teach you various things which you will remember for a lifetime.

So here I present, the top 7 dos and don'ts of travelling which I am convinced will equip you with the tools and knowledge to make your travelling experience a smooth ride...

Plan your Journey1. Do: plan your journey. 
As enticing as a spontaneous venture sounds, it’s always best to plan ahead, especially when travelling with a large family or with little kids. Planning your trip gives you a clear view ahead and if something was to go wrong, then coming up with a plan B shouldn't be difficult. Though, if you’re with friends or exploring the world alone, then keeping an open plan would be beneficial, after all, what is life without an adventure?

Valuables Theft

2. Don't: leave your valuables with someone else. 
ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, keep your personal belongings with yourself. This includes money, wallet, passports and any essential documents. If you're staying in a hotel make use of their lockers or safes provided within your hotel room. It is not wise to take them with you while sightseeing or hand them to your family member, because mistakes can occur and you could end up losing your important possessions.

Clothing in hand luggage3. Do: Pack spare pair of clothes in your hand luggage
This tip is a life saver, especially when travelling by plane. Trust me. You may experience an unlucky day where your luggage does not appear through those dull, rotating conveyor belts, particularly if you've arrived from a connecting flight. Having a spare pair of clothes in your hand luggage spares you the struggle of having to buy new clothes immediately if your luggage does not arrive the next day, which is very inconvenient if there are no nearby stores or supermarkets.

Becoming Antisocial

4. Don't: Become antisocial
This era is infused with technology; people chatting away on their smartphones and roaming around with their tablets. The temptation to talk to your friends is sky high. However, those few minutes, or even hours means you've lost the most beautiful sighting right in front of you. Remember, you won't regain those lost views and moments. So... phones away!

Hidden Attractions5. Do: Explore the hidden attractions. 
Even though the most famous tourist attractions are the ones to visit, you can’t miss out on the places you discover while exploring the local area. It may be as small as a fountain, or an ancient building. Whatever it is, make sure you visit these places. Who knows, they may end up becoming the biggest highlight of your whole journey. Admit it; it would be amazing telling your friends and family about your adventure of discovering the unusual locations.

6. Don't: Eat from the usual fast food chains. 
Fast Food ChainsSeeing the popular fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Subway may make you feel like you're at home as it is the ideal comfort food. Nevertheless, you’re missing out on the local cuisine! Dining at the local restaurants or grabbing a snack from street vendors is a must; you can always grab a Subway back home, but you won't get to indulge on the local delights if you miss the opportunity. You wouldn't want to come home with regrets now would you?! There’s no harm in trying!

Meet People
7. Do: Meet local people.
Generally, you will meet nice and friendly local people. Interacting with them is a good experience of meeting new people and making friends, not to forget the amount you learn from them through a small conversation. It isn't rocket science. Even making eye contact and giving a smile whilst walking by can strike up a conversation within minutes. Always say “hello” in their local language. 

So, take on board these 7 tips in your journey, and you will have one unforgettable and mesmerising experience...

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