25 May 2015

Dirty Secret: Gaming

Popular Gaming Characters

Games; let's just admit it, we all play them. Period.

In fact not only do we play games, we love them to bits! Whether you like to call yourself a casual gamer or a hardcore gaming guru, we simply cannot hide the fact that, whether you're 6 or 60, we all at some point in our lives have crouched over our phone screens to play a game.

Mobile GamingBy the way, in case you haven't already noticed, I'm not talking about your traditional board games here, I'm talking about the ones you play on your phone, regardless of location; from the humble Bus seat to the all majestic Toilet seat, games are what we tend to use to liberate us from our boredom.

A technological boom in the phones market is what I hold responsible for the sophistication of mobile gaming. From Snake to Clash of Clans. The progression of these mobile games in terms of technology, user interaction and play-ability has far exceeded those of their early counterparts, so much so that I believe they have largely revolutionized the world of handheld gaming, changing the dimensions and expectations associated with handheld gaming.

One may interrogatively ask, "What is the secret behind the success of handheld gaming?"

PSP Vita Vs 3DSWell to attempt an answer at this question, let me take you back, back to the beginning of handheld gaming(well not right to the beginning as I was too young to remember the likes of the game boy and even it's predecessors... But rather the beginning of what i can remember).

I was there, aged 10, when it hit the shelves. The year was 2005 and SONY had just created, what then seemed to be the future of gaming, it was gaming on the go. With graphics that gave even the PlayStation 2 a beating and being the size and weight of an older iPad, the PSP was received with great support and enthusiasm. In my eyes at this point it had beaten Nintendo's DS.

Nintendo had already provided gamer's the opportunity to fight their Pokemon or explore the fantasy worlds of Mario Bros in the comfort of their very on palms, quite literally wherever they wanted. However in terms of graphics due to the much early release it was over shadowed by the PSP. Despite Nintendo's huge efforts in my view even the DS failed to put up a good fight!

Whilst Sony was in no way the pioneer in the field of handheld gaming it indefinably became the trendsetter. Imperatively showing gamer's what they really ought to be demanding from gaming; amazing graphics, immersive sound, touch capabilities and most importantly the price.

Popular Games on Mobile devicesWhilst in the early day's handheld gaming proved to be an expensive venture, in recent times, through the power of advertising and sponsorship, handheld gaming has become mainly cost effective, with most apps available as a free download or being flogged at a throw away price of 69p, it is not hard to guess why this culture has experienced positive correlation.

All in all, the dirty secret behind the success of handheld gaming is the exploitation of situation. It is estimated that nearly there are nearly 2 billion smart phone users in the world today, each harnessing the ability to download and use new apps and games on a daily basis. This coupled with the fact that there are more gaming apps available than utility apps, it is obvious why the gaming industry is such a lucrative market as well as being highly addictive.

Immersive yourself in the world of Gaming... That my Friends is the Dirty Secret of Gaming!

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