11 May 2015

LAUNCH: Failure Club

Failure Club
Today, just for this post, I shall adopt a brand new style of writing, I swear to god I haven't adopted this style of writing before anywhere on my blog. You can actually flick through my whole blog and test it if you like!? (Go on... I dare you)

This post shall never be edited once I have published it live on  my blog... It shall remain unchanged forever!

I'm going to be Frank (even though, this is meant to be Being Mehul. Get the joke? funny? Yay/Nay? move on, shall we??) 

By 'Being Frank' (that's actually a good blog partner name, any takers?) I mean I'm going to throw out all the fancy language, all the big words and the all mind blowing analogies that I usually use and instead replace it all with simple vernacular, simple ideas and stupendous anecdotes  (I know I used some 'fancy words' there, but forgive me maybe!?) 

So I have just over a week to go till my first exam and here's me sitting at my desk, reevaluating my life, typing away on my laptop, frantically checking my phone; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp and repeat and repeat and repeat... You get the idea!

The combined pressure resulting from stress and the obnoxiously high expectations off myself is slowly killing me! My brain slowly rotting away (or at least it feels like it). 'Anywho' let me not bore you, that's not really why you're here, are you?

You're here to hear my plan to failure... (Aren't you?) Before you continue reading beyond this point, let me make a sincere promise to you... This is not going to be a rant. Far from it really. This is me being open and honest. (well sort of...)

Well let me push all the notes away, make some space to place my laptop comfortably on my desk (now that's better!) Finally, I can now type comfortably! That rather insignificant change was more than needed... (#ifyouknowyouknow)

Oh by the way, let me introduce you... introduce you to 'Failure Club' (you noticed the title right?) 'Failing since 1995' that's my motto alright! How I came up with this title is a long story,  and I prefer not go get into the details. I know we're friends and all, but let's just leave that for another time, shall we?! 

Just last week I was sitting and thinking (I know how dangerous that is to my health and humanity, but nevertheless, I was thinking) Thinking about the countless times, in the last 19 years, that I have failed. I mean completely failed. However this is no ordinary failure though, it takes into account and ranges from failing to work a 'clicky pen' (you know what I'm on about) to actually failing to tie my shoelaces tight enough (how embarrassing). 

Come on, I'm sure you'll agree that there is no person in this world who can successfully claim to have never experienced failure. It's just downright impossible (or at least I think so, obviously this is open to challenge). But in life there are, as we judge them to be, small failures and large failures. Some failures that set us back further than we would've anticipated and others that barely leave a mark on our memories.

So whilst thinking, I came out with the conclusion that at least in my perspective the word 'failure' has no fixed meaning. The definition is as unique as it's definer. After all you would agree with me that the world is just one big subjective place.

To me personally failure is just that irreplaceable part of life that defines who we really are, as:

Failure opens the opportunity to allow us to change, develop and progress.
Failure opens many doors to success. 
Failure changes the mode of our lives. 

If you don't believe me, simply think back to the last time you thought you failed at something (located it?) Now think how different, for the better or the worse, your life would've been if it weren't for that failure! 

Failure helps you reevaluate and reset your aims and goals in life. Failure is the driving force behind innovation. Trust me.

All in all... These are just my thoughts. Coming from a person who has failed at absolutely everything in life (LOL, how awks?!), to me failure is a positive aspect of life. Hopefully I haven't failed in telling you how important failure is and also how much I enjoy failing! (this would be a big failure)

Let me welcome you... welcome you to 'Failure Club'!

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