16 June 2014

The Post Exam 'To do list'

Final ExamSo this week marks the end of exams (For me at at least). It's that time of year, when life starts
looking up a little, the summer is FINALLY HERE and even more so the stress of passing and preparing for exams is over for a couple of months at the very least.

But the question that now arises, is what should you do with all this spare time you suddenly have?

Chances are that you've not had such huge amounts of spare time in months and if you're like me, you've spent your last few months flicking through texts books in the hope that magically something will sink into your head and you'll be able to pass your exams!

But really, what should be done in these 'Pre-summer' months?

In the attempt to find things to do, in these 'Pre-summer' months, I've been surfing around the internet looking for things to do (Yeah my life sucks that badly!). Listed below are 10 of the most satisfying things to do!

Burn your books/notes

1. Burn your Notes/Books...

This is by far the most satisfying finale to the exam season. You can finally destroy the bundles of grim paper that caused you misery over the last few months. the perfect way to end the exam season with a bang!

Homer Simpson sleeping

2. Sleep...

Chances are that you've lost out on a lot of
sleep over the last days, weeks or even months. This 'therapy', will undoubtedly rejuvenate your energy levels, but will also prepare you to do a lot more over the summer.

Panda rolling downhill

3. Roll down a hill

Find the biggest hill and roll down it, just like you used to when you were a kid. If this does not take the stress away, I don't quite know what will.

Lazy Garfield, "I can but I won't"

4. Lounge about

This is definitely the one of the most satisfying things you can do (at least according to me), just sit around without having to do anything. scroll through the internet, flick through TV channels, scan through social networking sites... Who even cares?

All nighter meme5. Pull an Allnighter

You've probably been staying up til late, revising for exams, without any personal choice. But now you can stay up doing things you want to, like watching movies all night without having to worry about cramming for an exam the next morning!

Ape on bike catching up6. Catch up to the latest...

This can be catching up to anything and everything that has recently gone on. As whilst you were busy cramming away, stressing for exams, the rest of the world was still functioning normally. Over the last couple of months there have most definitely been a lot of new movie releases, which you most likely haven't had the time to watch. This is your perfect chance! Same goes for any TV shows, gossip and you know the rest...

To do list icon

7. Make your own 'To do' list

If you're one of those, well planned and organised people, this can be something you can most definitely do. you can make effective use of these 'Pre-summer' months, to plan out your whole summer, so that you can truly squeeze out every minute of your time and try and put it to some use!

8. Get a job

Find a Jobwhilst this does not sound like the most 'fun' thing to do, it certainly can be the most rewarding in terms of monetary and rewarding value. By doing this you'll have something put on your CV, and will also may also make some new friends.

Get Ahead

9. Get ahead

You know how much you struggled to learn and consolidate all the work, in just a year. So why not nip down to the library; get the relevant books out, and start studying ahead for the next academic year?

Doing nothing
10.  Do Nothing
Surprisingly enough this also an option. Whilst many want to do things, there just some people in society, who'd rather sit around doing nothing. Whilst it's hardly anything creative, its a good way to conservation vital energy!

The above mentioned are just a few ideas, feel free to comment below and let us know what else could be done.

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